Services for Sponsors

Our broad empirical knowledge and extensive network of clinical sites ensures finding the perfect site for your study. The research sites we work with are always very experienced in the field of internal medicine, cardiology, vvascular medicine and endocrinology. These sites include both general practitioners and vascular surgeons for all clinical studies, including paediatric studies.We always make sure we have direct and short lines with research sites, for example so we can easily discuss potential issues. This is why we are always in close contact with PI, site staff and pharmacists.

We offer full management services:

Site feasibility

We assess the feasibility of sites for you. First, we contact the lead investigator to describe the study, after which we assess the sites interest in participation. If requested, or if additional information is needed, we visit the site to discuss further interest in participation, patient population and available research facilities.

Budgeting and financial administration

We guide you through local budgeting issues and norms in both the start-up phase and the conduct of the study. You have one point of contact for budget negotiations with all Dutch sites.

All study-related payments go through VRN. We will work with all departments involved, like the pharmacy, to include their costs in the site budget. We will provide all sites with financial overviews and payments.

Site support

On all sites, we assist you in obtaining the best research and data quality.