Services for Sites or Investigators

Are you participating in a study? We always make sure you only have to focus on the things you know best: the study and your patients. We take care of anything else, like the contract and budget negotiations. Our empirical knowledge and track record in the field of cardiovascular research ensures we negotiate the best suitable contract and budget for your site.

Within these negotiations, we anticipate to cover the workload for your site staff and take into account the difficulty of the trial and the patient population.

We provide the following services:

  • Reviewing and negotiating budgets and contracts with sponsor
  • Coordinating complex trials that involve multiple parties
  • Requesting all additional quotations at pharmacy, radiology or lab
  • Financial administration of the study for your site to the sponsor
  • Financial administration for all parties involved to VRN
  • Other administrative tasks like preparing worksheets
  • Monitoring services

We handle this, so you’re ready to start the study as soon and smooth as possible.